If we ever get broadband here in Hooterville, I may start a home based business.  I have a cunning plan. Today, I was wandering around the internet looking for insights on such a venture. So, I find this site named “Roundtable Advantage”.  Boldly placed at the top of their home page, in huge block letters, sits their Mission Statement: “We Think Big. Because Thinking Small Is For Loosers”.

Loosers!  The irony is delicious. The cubs that publish this site no doubt spent their youth being absorbed in popular culture through the internet rather than doing English homework.  The use of “Loosers” is something I’d expect from a GED graduated convenience store clerk. Actually, I’m fine with GED grads at the local Circle K.  At least those folks aren’t foolish enough to think they can give advice to others on how to “Think Big” and succeed.

So, my advice to “Round Table” (two words) “Advantage” is to forget the web site and look for a real job. Oh wait, you probably have and were rejected for being unable to use standard English.

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