Flawed Genius

On this date(The Ides of March) Julius Caesar was murdered on the floor of the Roman Senate. I had written a tribute to both his accomplishments and suspect character. Twice I lost the stupid dialup connection that I’m forced to use here in Hooterville. The point of this post was to be that in our modern society we’re relegated to choosing leaders blessed with mediocrity.

While Caesar lived he was the best general, politician, and pubic speaker in ancient Rome. His reports to the Senate during the Gallic Wars have been used to this day to teach students the proper use of Latin.

Yet the man was seriously flawed. He suffered from eplilepsy.  Caesar could be cruel and vindictive to anyone who opposed his ambitions. He had no moral compass. When short of money he’d simply kill the wealthy and confiscate their fortunes. 

In the modern world, the trend is that truely talented people are loath to go into politics.  As a result, we’re stuck with unqualified individuals in extremely powerfull positions.  We now have a president that bows to foreign heads of state.  Bows!  Would Caesar bow to Cleopatra?  Nope.  He boinked her and laughed about it all the way back to Rome.  Deplorable, but in 500 years they’ll still be talking about what Caesar accomplished while Obama will be a footnote along with the likes of Martin Van Buren.

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