Cheez-its as Croutons

I like Cheez-its and so do my dogs. We often snack on the cheddary, cheezy, crunchy goodness of Cheez-its while watching an episode of Animal Planet together.  Now, don’t be lured into buying an off brand in order to save a little money. Big mistake. The last time I did that(because I’m a cheapskate) the first thought into my mind when popping one into my mouth was, “These aren’t as good as Cheez-its.” Downer. The dogs don’t seem to mind, but then, they’d eat poop if you put some gravy on it.

Whoever invented the Cheez-it should get a Nobel prize. Damn things are so good that I’ll suck the residue off my fingers rather than use a napkin. I’m certain that the local convenience store in heaven keeps plenty in stock. Bet they’re free, too.

I always keep a box of croutons in the pantry so that when company comes for dinner I can serve a salad that isn’t too bachelor. However, croutons are pricey. Overly so considering they’re dried bread with some seasoning. I’m also frequently dissappointed in the taste and texture of most croutons. For myself, I’d rather add some Cheez-its to a salad or bowl of soup than those retarded croutons.

I realize that Cheez-its as croutons my not catch on in our refined culture. However, they are far superior to saltines and a third the price of real croutons. Think about it.

ps. The author is not employed or compensated by Nabisco nor any of it’s subsitiaries.

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